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Terms of Service

By using it, you are agreeing to these Terms & Conditions (defined below). Please read them carefully. Mobilicis India Private Limited., doing business as “ORUphones”.
“ORUphones” owns and operates the website, www.oruphones .com. In the event of the user failing to comply with these Terms and Conditions, ORUphones has full authority to restrict or terminate your website usage rights or even access to the platform instantly. We can also remove all non-compliant information or remove both the user and their content from our platform with the help of Information Technology Rules (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code), 2021. As you use the ORUphones Platform and access our online services, you show that you understand and agree to the rules under the Terms and Conditions.
If you are not in agreement with these Terms and Conditions, you may refrain from using our platform and services.
Our Terms and Conditions pertain to-
  1. 1. Acceptance
  2. 2. Content and Service Description Policy
  3. 3. Code of Conduct
  4. 4. Paid Services
  5. 5. Agent Postings
  6. 6. Service Access
  7. 7. Infringement Claims Notification
  8. 8. Rights to Intellectual Property
  9. 9. Submission of the User
  10. 10. Indemnity
  11. 11. Policy for No Spam
  12. 12. Individuals and Organizations Handling
  13. 13. Service Restriction and Termination
  14. 14. Warranty Disclaimers
  15. 15. Restriction of Liability
  16. 16. Assignment
  17. 17. Acceptance of the Service Terms
  18. 18. General Information
  19. 19. Liquidated Impairment and Violation of the Terms
  20. 20. Privacy Policy
  21. 21. Officer for Grievance
1. Acceptance
ORUphones is a brand owned and operated by Mobilicis India Private Limited is company originated in Alwar, Rajasthan. ORUphones and branches and/or affiliates (hereinafter together referred to as "ORUphones") provide a cluster of resources available online, including advertisements (here from collectively referred to as the "Service") on the website and the platform's mobile application and corresponding (collectively to be called the "Platform"). The Services and Platforms you use are subject to ORUphones Terms and Conditions (herein called "Terms"). To express the Terms and contexts, expressions like "you" or "your" will be used to mean people who access or use, through either automated or manual means, the Services or the Platform in any style whatsoever inclusive of people browsing through the content of the Platform, posting any content or comment or by responding to some content or advertisement on the Platform. As you use our Service, you agree to observe these Terms. Furthermore, while using a part of our Services, you consent to comply with any applicable guideline posted on the Platform for such Service, which may be updated or changed with time at ORUphones's sole disposition. You understand and acknowledge that you are exclusively responsible for checking and evaluating these Terms each time you access the Platform. In case you have any objection to any condition or terms under these Terms, any subsequent modifications, or any guidelines change, or seem unhappy with ORUphones or its Service by any chance, you have the sole choice of immediately discontinuing the use of ORUphones. ORUphones has the sole discretion of updating these Terms at any suitable time. You might receive notices from ORUphones mentioning modification in the Platform or in the Terms in accordance with Section XXI (I) herein. ORUphones may translate the Terms from English to other preferable languages upon request. You must understand and acknowledge that this language translation of the Terms is solely for your convenience and that the English version of the Terms sets the rule for your relationship with ORUphones. Furthermore, if there is any irregularity between the translated and English versions of the Terms, the English version will govern the Terms.
2. Description of Content Policy and Services
  1. I. ORUphones is an advanced generation of online classifieds. We behave as a platform that allows our users, who access the Platform in compliance with our Terms, to buy, sell, or offer services and products listed on the Platform. However, you will be able to initiate payment and other forms of transactions through our Platform by using services of third-party vendors where ORUphones will not be involved in anyways in such transactions. As an outcome, and as per the detailed discussion in these Terms, you hereby agree and acknowledge that ORUphones has no involvement or control over such transactions or any element pertaining to such transaction, and therefore, will not be liable to any party connected with such transactions. Usage of the Platform and the Service is completely your responsibility.
  2. II.ORUphones is an advanced generation of online classifieds. We behave as a platform that allows our users, who access the Platform in compliance with our Terms, to buy, sell, or offer services and products listed on the Platform. However, you will be able to initiate payment and other forms of transactions through our Platform by using services of third-party vendors where ORUphones will not be involved in anyways in such transactions. As an outcome, and as per the detailed discussion in these Terms, you hereby agree and acknowledge that ORUphones has no involvement or control over such transactions or any element pertaining to such transaction, and therefore, will not be liable to any party connected with such transactions. Usage of the Platform and the Service is completely your responsibility. You hereby agree and acknowledge that you will be solely responsible for and need to evaluate, and handle all threats linked with the utilization of any Content, that you may not depend on said Content, and that ORUphones will not be held liable under any circumstances or any way for the given Content or damage or loss of any kind you face because of browsing, reading or using any Content e-mailed, listed, or shared with your through the Service. You also understand and agree that ORUphones does not and cannot pre-screen and approve any Content, but that ORUphones holds the sole right and absolute discretion to move, refuse, or delete any Content that may be or is available through the Service for breaching these Terms and such infringement bring brought to ORUphones's awareness or for some other reason or for no reason at all. Furthermore, the Content available on the Platform and the Platform itself may hold links to third-party websites ("Third Party Websites"), which are fully unrelated to ORUphones. If you connect with the Third Party Website links, you will be subject to the Terms and Conditions and other policies set forwards by those Third Party Websites. ORUphones doesn't guarantee or represent the authenticity or accuracy of any information provided by any such Third-Party Website. Your connecting to any other website is solely at your discretion, and ORUphones denies all responsibility thereto. ORUphones makes no representation or guarantee as to the accuracy or authenticity of the information contained in any such Third-Party Website, and your linking to any other websites is completely at your own risk, and ORUphones disclaims all liability thereto.
  3. III. You understand and agree that you will be alone responsible for the Content you post on, the Service links you or transmitted through you, and the consequences of posting, linking, publishing, or transmitting it. To be more specific, you take full responsibility for all the Content uploaded, e-mailed, or otherwise made available by you through the Service. With relation to such Content you post on, transmit through, or link from the Service, you confirm, acknowledge, covenant, represent, and warrant that: (i) you possess or hold or shall continue to have all required licenses, consents, permissions or rights to utilize such Content on the Platform and Service (including no limitation on all trademark, patent, copyright, trade secret, or other proprietary rights in all such Content, for such time the Platform displays the Content and authorize ORUphones to utilize such Content to permit the inclusions and application of the Content in the manner advised by the Platform, the Service, and these Terms; and (ii) You consent, permit, or release is written to all the identifiable individuals or business in the Content to utilize the name or similarity of all such identifiable individuals or businesses to grant the inclusion and utilization of the Content in a manner accepted by the Platform, the Service and these Terms. To be clear, you will retain all the proprietary rights of your Content; however, as you submit a Content on the Platform, you thereby will grant ORUphones a non-cancellable, irrevocable, worldwide, perpetual, sub-licensable, non-exclusive, and royalty-free transferable license to reproduce, display, use, distribute, perform, and develop a derivative work of the Content in lieu with the Platform and ORUphones's business (and the business in its succession), including without restriction for the cause of redistributing and promoting part, or all of the Content and the Platform therein (and the imitative works thereof) in different media formats and through different media channels present or known thereafter. ORUphones requires these authorities to host and show your Content. Furthermore, as you post your Content on any public forum of the Service, you acknowledge and agree to and thereby grant ORUphones all the necessary rights to allow or prohibit any subsequent display, aggregation, duplication, exploitation, reproduction, and copying of the Content on the Platform or the Service by any other party for any reason. ORUphones may offer you the benefit of automatically seizing the "Description" of your advertisement based on the pictures you upload as part of the Service. ORUphones, however, doesn't give any warranty on the accuracy or integrity of the Description so generated. You can edit the Description at any time as long as your advertisement is live. You will hereby grant each of the Platform user (a) non-exclusive permission to access the Content through the Platform and (b) the permission to connect with you concerning the Content you post through your private chat or any similar means. The preceding license that you grant each of the users terminates as you or ORUphones delete or remove such Content from the Platform. Furthermore, you also grant ORUphones the right to provide your Content to any third party who links with the transactions happening against your classified advertisement.
  4. IV. ORUphones does not validate any opinion, Content, recommendation, advice, or statement expressed herein, and ORUphones clearly denies any and all accountability with regards to the User Content. ORUphones does not provide any license to activities that can cause copyright infringement and violation of the property license on the Platform, and ORUphones may, at its own discretion, delete or remove any defying Content if notified in time, in agreement with the laws that apply that such Content causes violation on other's intellectual property licenses. ORUphones holds the sole right to delete or remove any Content without prior intimation. ORUphones also holds the right to terminate any User's Platform access if they continue to infringe or are found to be involved in any kind of act opposing these Terms. A repeat violator will be considered a user who has received notification of his/her infringing activities more than two times and/or whose user submission has been erased from the Platform more than two times. Furthermore, ORUphones, at its sole disposal, holds the right to make decisions if any Content is relevant and compliant with these Terms.
3. Conduct
You hereby agree that you will not post, host, upload, e-mail, publish, display, share, modify, update, store, or transmit any particulars on the Site or any other way that makes the Content available:
  • I. That infringes any regulation or law; That holds copyright or patent and gets protected by the trademark or trade secret, or otherwise gets subjected to third party ownership rights, including publicity and privacy rights unless you yourself own such rights or have a license or permission from the rightful owner of such rights to post the Content material and to approve ORUphones all the licenses or rights given herein;
  • II. That violates any of the preceding intellectual ownership rights of any party or its Content whose rights are not available to you under any regulation, law, fiduciary or contractual relationship(s);
  • III. That is abusive, threatening, harmful, unlawful, obscene, harassing, defamatory, profane, paedophilic, pornographic, invasive, or libellous of another's privacy or similar rights, that includes insulting, harassing, or bodily privacy based on hateful, gender, or ethically offensive, racially, relating, downgrading, or motivating money heist or gambling or harms or could cause harm to minors in some unlawful way or the other in any form whatsoever or otherwise varying from or opposing the enforced laws;
  • V. That pesters, intimidates, degrades, or is hateful towards any person or group of individuals depending on their gender, religion, race, sexual orientation, age, disability, or ethnicity;
  • VI. That infringes any (local) equal laws of employment, inclusive of, but not restricted to those forbidding the stating, in any employment advertisement, a requirement or preference depending on sex, color, race, national origin, religion, disability, or the age of the applicant.
  • VII. That intimidates the integrity, security, sovereignty, defence, or unity of India, friendly association with foreign nationals, causes instigation or public instructions to the commission of any comprehendible offense, prevents the inspection of any offense, or is offending any other nation.
  • VIII. That comprises personal or recognizing information about other persons without any precise consent of that person;
  • IX. That imitates any entity or person, inclusive of, but not restricted to, an ORUphones employee, or deceitfully states or otherwise falsify an affiliation with an entity or person.
  • X. Misleads or deceives the addressee about the inception of such messages or transfers any information which is egregiously menacing and offensive in nature;
  • XI. That is deceptive, deceitful, false, misinformative, misleading, or includes "bait and switch" offer;
  • XII. That contains or includes "pyramid schemes," "chain letters," "link referral code," "affiliate marketing," "spam," "junk mail," or unrequested advertisement of a mercantile nature;
  • XIII. That contains or include any type of solicitation or advertising if (1) displayed in areas or types of Platforms which are not assigned for such motives; or (2) e-mailed to ORUphones users who have asked not be contacted for their products, services, or commercial interests;
  • XIV. That involves the link to Third-Party Websites or commercial services, apart from specifically permitted by ORUphones;
  • XV. That displays any unlawful services or the sale of items whose sale is restricted or prohibited by all laws applicable, including restriction-free items, whose sale is regulated or prohibited by the laws applicable;
  • XVI. That consists of software viruses, or any similar computer malware, files, programs, or codes designed to limit, interrupt, or destroy the usability of any computer hardware or software or equipment for telecommunications or any other form of computer resource;
  • XVII. That causes disruption to the normal dialogue flow to the Service with a huge number of messages (flooding attack), or that somehow affects other user's capability of using the Service negatively;
  • XVIII. That engages misleading or forged e-mail addresses or headers or somewhat maneuvered identifiers to impersonate the original Content that has been transmitted through the Service;
  • XIX. That is owned by another individual and to which you don't possess any right;
  • XX. That can be harmful to children;
  • XXI. That misleads or deceives the addressee regarding the source of the message or intentionally or knowingly passes any information which is evidently misleading is false in nature but can be recognized reasonably as a fact;
  • XXII. That is evidently untrue and false and is published or written in a way with the aim of misleading or harassing an entity, individual, or agency for monetary gain or for injuring any person.
In addition to the above, you agree that you will not:
  • I. Connect with anyone who is not to be connected with or makes unrequested contact with any person for commercial reason, specifically, connects with any user to post a classified on a third-party website or publish a classified on such user's behalf; or to harass or otherwise to "stalk" anyone;
  • I. Connect with anyone who is not to be connected with or makes unrequested contact with any person for commercial reason, specifically, connects with any user to post a classified on a third-party website or publish a classified on such user's behalf; or to harass or otherwise to "stalk" anyone;
  • III. Gather data of personal nature about other entities or users for illegal or commercial reasons;
  • IV. Utilization of automatic means that includes crawlers, robots, tools for data mining, spiders, or the similar to scrape or download data from the Service, apart from the internet search engines (like, Google) and uncommercial public records (like, that is in compliance with our robots.txt file;
  • V. Publish Content that is beyond the local area or is irrelevant to the local region, continually publishes a similar or the same Content, or somehow inflicts unreasonably or disproportionately huge loads on our infrastructure and servers;
  • VI. Publish the same service or item in multiple forums or categories of classifieds or in multiple metropolises;
  • VII. Try to obtain an unauthorized pass to computer systems that ORUphones owns or controls or gets involved in any activity that might diminish or interrupt the quality of, hampers the functionality of, intrude into the performance of, the Platform or the Service;
  • VIII. Utilization of ant category of an automatic computer device or program (that might be referred to sometimes as "flagging tools") that allows the use of ORUphones 's "flagging system" or any other system that gets controlled by the community but doesn't have any manually introduced (entered by a human) flag that triggers the flag (an "automated flagging device"), or utilization of any similar flagging tool to delete or remove the posts from competitors or similar third parties or to remove content that doesn't have rationally good faith or belief that the post is getting flagged, infringes these Terms or any applicable regulation or law.
  • IX. Utilization of any automatic software or device that allows the submission of automatic postings on ORUphones without any intervention or authorship (an "automated posting device") from any human, including without any restricting, the utilization of any similar automatic posting device with regards to posting in bulk or for automated posting submission during certain intervals or times, or
  • X. Any Content you upload will be subject to pertinent laws and can be discontinued or and may be subjected to investigation under the applicable laws. Further, if you are caught to be in defiance of the regulations and laws, these terms, or the privacy protection policy of the Site, we may discontinue your account or block your Site access, and we hold the sole right to delete or remove any non-compliant Content you upload.
  • XI. Any Content uploaded by you shall be subject to relevant laws
4. Posting Agents
The term "Posting Agent" herein cites a third-party service, intermediary, or agent that offers to publish Content to the Service on others' behalf. ORUphones forbids the utilization of Posting Agents indirectly or directly, without the evidence of written permit from ORUphones. Furthermore, Posting Agents are not allowed to publish Content on others' behalf, indirectly or directly, or otherwise have access to the Service for publishing Content on others' behalf, except for those with the evidence of written license or permit from ORUphones.
5. Service Access
ORUphones allows you restricted, non-exclusive, revocable permission to access and utilize the Service for personal usage. This permit provided herein is not inclusive of the following: (a) usage license or access to the Service by Posting Agents; or (b) any aggregation, duplication, collection, display, plagiarized use, or copying of the Service nor any utilization of data mining, spiders, robots, and similar modes of gathering data and tools for extraction for any motive unless ORUphones expressly permits or as otherwise mentioned in these Terms. Nonetheless, the preceding, standard internet search engines and non-trading public records that accumulate information for the exclusive motive of exhibiting hyperlinks to the Service, given they each perform it from a steady IP address or an assortment of IP addresses by the utilization of easily recognizable agent and is compliant with robots.txt file, may get involved in activities presented in (b). On the grounds of this irregularity, a "general purpose internet search engine" is not inclusive of a search engine, website, or other services that excel in listing classifieds, including any classifieds listings subset, like jobs, housing, services, personals, or for sale, or which otherwise offers services for classified ad listing. The license given in this Section allows you to showcase on your website or generate a hyperlink thereunto, independent postings on the Service as long as you use it for non-trading and/or for the purpose of reporting news only (e.g., for using in personal blogs or online media of personal nature). Suppose the complete number of postings of similar nature linked to or displayed on your website outreaches the limits set forth by ORUphones. In that case, your utilization will be considered as infringement of these Terms, unless ORUphones evidently grants you license otherwise. You are also allowed to generate a hyperlink to the Platform home page as long as the link does not represent ORUphones, its affiliates, agents, or employees in a confusing, false, derogatory, misleading, or otherwise any matter that is offensive. Using the Service beyond the authorized scope of access as permitted in these Terms instantly terminates the license or permission given herein. In order to duplicate, copy, use a plagiarized version, aggregate, collect, or display the Service or any Content provided by the Service for purposes other than the ones stated here (commercial purposes included), you must obtain a permit from ORUphones first.
6. Infringement Claims Notification
ORUphones is not responsible for any infringement or violation of analytical property rights for content published on or transferred through the website or materials advertised on the website by the end-customers or any other third party.
If you have the rights to intellectual properties or any agent who has complete authority to work on behalf of the person who owns the intellectual property rights and trust that any Content or other article violates your intellectual property or the owner's intellectual property on behalf of whom you are permitted to act, you may offer notification to ORUphones along with a request to ORUphones to remove all applicable Content with proper trust in the claims of violation form available here.
If you own an Intellectual Property or specifically want to report any forged materials on our Platform, please go through our ORUphones Counterfeit Policy as prevalent here.
7. Rights for Intellectual Property
You accept and agree that the content on the Platform, apart from the User Content that you are permitted under Section ii(C) of the Terms, inclusive of the restriction less, the software, text, scripts, photos, videos, music, graphics, sounds, reciprocal attributes, and similar ("Materials") and the trademarks, logos, and service marks contained therein ("Marks"), are licensed to or owned to ORUphones, and are subject to trademark and other intellectual property rights under the Indian Laws, international pact, and foreign regulations and/or conventions. The Platform may show certain third-party trademarks with regards to the Services. Using these trademarks may depend on the permits granted to ORUphones by third parties. You shall, under no circumstances, decompile, disassemble, or reverse engineer such copyrights, and nothing here shall be interpreted to allow you any license with regards to such copyrights. Materials present on the Platform are given to you AS IS for your knowledge and usage of personal nature only and may not be utilized, transmitted, copied, displayed, distributed, sold, reproduced, licensed, broadcast, or otherwise exploited for any other reasons whatsoever without any advance written agreement with the respective owners. ORUphones holds the rights not clearly given herein to the Materials and the Platform. You acknowledge that you shall not engage in the distribution, copying, or use of any of the Materials apart from the expressly licensed herein, inclusive of any distribution, copying, or use of third party Materials acquired from the Platform for any commercial reasons. If you print or download a copy of the Materials for your personal usage, it is mandatory for you to preserve all copyrights and other proprietary documents contained therein. You hereby agree that you shall not disable, circumvent or otherwise interfere with the attributes related to the security of the Platform or attributes that restrict or prevent the copying or utilization of any Materials or impose restrictions on the Materials or Platform usage therein. The laws of copyright or other laws and international pacts and/or conventions provide maximum permitted protection to the Service. The content shown on or through the Service gets copyright protected as a combined work and/or compilation, in accordance with the laws of copyrights, international regulations, and other laws. Any modification, creation of plagiarized works, redistribution, or modification of the Materials, the Platform, or the combined work or collection is expressly restricted. Reproducing or copying the Materials, the Platform, or any part thereof to any other server or place for further redistribution or reproduction is restricted. You further acknowledge that you shall not reproduce, copy, or duplicate Materials or Content from the Service and agree to follow any, and all notices on copyright and other notices exhibited on the Service. You are not allowed to disassemble or decompile, reverse engineer or otherwise try to find any source code present in the Service. Without restricting the aforesaid, you agree not to copy, duplicate, reproduce, resell, exploit, or sell for any commercial reasons, any Service aspect. ORUphones is a trademark registered with the Indian Trademark Office and authorities and in different other administrations.
8. User Submissions
You acknowledge that as you use the Platform, you will be revealed to Content to the Content through different sources and that ORUphones is not liable for the usefulness, accuracy, intellectual property rights, or safety of or in connection to such Content, and you assume and agree to all responsibility for your usage. Furthermore, you acknowledge and understand that you may be revealed to Content that is offensive, inaccurate, objectionable, indecent, libellous, or defamatory, and you agree to renounce, and hereby do waive, any equitable or legal rights or solutions you have or may have against ORUphones with respect thereto.
9. Indemnity
You acknowledge to indemnify, defend, and consider harmless ORUphones, its affiliates, directors, officers, agents, subsidiaries, assigns, successors, employees, suppliers, and service providers, from and against any and all obligations, claims, liabilities, damages, debts, losses, costs, and expenses (inclusive of but not restricted to the fees of attorneys) arising from (i) your access to and use of the Service and/or Platform; (ii) your infringement of any terms of these Terms; (iii) your infringement of the right of any third party, including without any restriction on any trade secret, trademark, copyright, or other privacy or property right; or (iv) any affirmation that your Content led to any damage to a third party. This indemnification and defence commitment will get through modification, expiration, or termination of these Terms and the usage of the Platform and the Service by you.
10. The Policy for No Spam
You recognize and agree that sharing unsought e-mail ads or other unsolicited modes of communications to ORUphones's e-mail addresses or through ORUphones's computer system is clearly forbidden by these Terms. You agree and acknowledge that with time ORUphones may monitor the use of e-mail using automatic software or human monitors to label certain words in connection with scams or spam in e-mails that are shared between users in the ORUphones's e-mail system. Any connection between you and any other user using the features for communication present on the Platform and the Service may be utilized only in lieu of the Terms. Any unlicensed usage of ORUphones's computer system is an infringement of these Terms and some of the laws applicable. The send and his/her agents may be subjected to criminal and civil penalties because of such infringements.
11. Handling Individuals and Organizations
You agree and acknowledge that ORUphones shall not be responsible for your relationship with any individuals and/or organizations through the Service or on the Platform. This is inclusive of, but is still not restricted to, payment and delivery of services and goods and any other warranties, terms, representations, or conditions related to any communication you may have had with other individuals and/or organizations. These deals happen exclusively between such individuals and/or organizations and you. You acknowledge and agree that ORUphones has no responsibility or liability towards any damage or loss of any type caused as an outcome of any such communications or dealings. If there is any trouble among the users on the Platform or between any third party and participants, you acknowledge and agree that ORUphones is not obligated to get involved in such issues. In case you have an argument with one or more users, you hereby declare ORUphones, its employees, officers, successors, and agents free of any and all claims, damages, and demands (consequential and actual) of every nature or kind, unknown or known, unsuspected and suspected, undisclosed and disclosed, emerging from or in any way connected with such issues and/or our Service.
13. Restriction and Termination of Service
You recognize and agree that ORUphones may set restrictions with time regarding the utilization of the Service, inclusive of, among others, the given number of days that Content will be retained or maintained by the Service, the maximum size and number of e-mail messages, posting or similar Content that teh Content stores or transfers, and the manner and frequency in which you are allowed to access the Platform or the Service. You agree that your account is recognized and connected through your e-mail ID, mobile number, or Facebook account, from which you had registered. Under circumstances where you have multiple accounts linked together through your e-mail ID, contact number, or Facebook account, ORUphones has the sole right to restrict, remove, or delete the copied accounts. You agree and acknowledge that ORUphones does not have any liability or responsibility towards the removal or storage failure of any Content transferred through or maintained by the Service or the Platform. You also agree and acknowledge that ORUphones holds the sole right to modify, discontinue or limit the Service (or any part thereof) at any time with or without prior intimation and that ORUphones shall not be responsible for you or any third party for any such discontinuance, suspension, or modification of the Service. You understand and agree that ORUphones has complete and sole discretion, holds the right (but is not obligated) to deactivate or delete your account, block your IP or e-mail address, or otherwise discontinue your use of or access to the Service (or any part thereof), instantly and without any prior intimation and discard and remove any Content within the Service, on any grounds or no ground at all, including, limitation free, if ORUphones thinks that you have infringed these Terms. Further, you accept that ORUphones shall not be responsible for you or any third party for any conclusion of your access to the Service or the Platform. You also agree that you shall not try to utilize the Service after any such discontinuation of terms.
14. Warranty Disclaimer
You clearly agree and acknowledge that using the Service and the Platform is completely at your own risk and that the Service and the Platform are given on an "As Available" or "As Is" basis without any type of warranties. All applicable and indicated warranties, inclusive of, without any restriction, the merchantability warranties, suitability for a certain reason, and non-violation of the Proprietary Rights, are explicitly disclaimed to the whole extent the laws permit. ORUphones, its directors, employees, officers, and agents disclaim all the warranties, portrayals, and implications to the complete extent the law permits in relation with the Platform and your usage thereof. ORUphones makes no representations or warranties about the absoluteness or correctness of the Content on the Platform or any third-party website Content in collection with the Platform and is not responsible or liable for any (i) inaccuracies, mistakes, or errors in the Content, (ii) damage or injury to the property or personal nature whatsoever, because of you accessed and used the Service and the Platform, (iii) any unwarranted access and utilization of our servers and/or any and all personal data and/or financial details stored therein, (iv) any cessation or interruption of transfer to or from the Platform, (v) any viruses, Trojan Horses, bugs or similar may be transferred to or through the Platform by any third-party, and .or (vi) any omissions or errors within the Content or for any type of damage or loss caused because of the utilization of any Content published, transmitted, communicated, e-mailed, or otherwise provided by the Service or the Platform. ORUphones does not guarantee, endorse, assume or warrant liability of any Service or Product offered or advertised by a third party through the Platform or any website hyperlink or displayed in any banner or other form of advertising, and ORUphones will not be involved with or in any way take responsibility of supervising any communication or transactions happening between you and/or any user and/or third-party providers of services and products. You should apply your best discernment and practice caution where suitable when it comes to buying a service or product through any environment or medium.
15. Liability Limitations
Under no circumstances shall ORUphones, its directors, officers, employees or agents, be responsible for special, direct, incidental, indirect, exemplary, or consequential damages (even if ORUphones is aware of the possibility of such impairment) because of any of your utilization of the Service and the Platform, inclusive of, without restriction, whether the impairments happen from the utilization or misuse of the Service or the Platform, from the incapability to utilize the Service or the Platform, or for using the Service or the Platform, or the alteration, modification, interruption, termination, or suspension of the Service or the Platform. Such liability restriction shall be applicable considering the damages caused because of other products or services secured from or displayed regarding the Service or the Platform or any hyperlinks on the Platform, as well as because of any opinion, advice, or information obtained from or displayed regarding the Service or the Platform or any link on the ORUphones website. These restrictions shall be applicable to the whole extent allowed by the Law. You particularly agree and acknowledge that ORUphones shall not be responsible for the submissions by the user or the illegal, offensive, or defamatory conduct of any user or third party and that the hazard of causing damage or harm from the preceding depends entirely on you. ORUphones controls and offers the Platform. ORUphones does not represent or warrant that the Platform is perfect for utilization in other places. Those who use or access the Platform from other administrations do so at their own risk and accord and are liable to comply with the local laws.
16. Assignment
These Terms and any licenses and rights allowed hereunder may not be assigned or transferred by you but may be given by ORUphones without limitation. Any transfer or assignment by you shall be invalid.
17. Ability to Accept the Service Terms
This Platform only intends to serve the purpose of adults and that you have the eligibility of contracting as per the laws applicable. If you are accessing/utilizing this Platform as a spokesperson of any entity/person, you accept that you have the legal authority of representing that entity/person. Minors, i.e., users who are under 18 years of age, only have the right to use the Service and the Platform on the occasion of approval from their legal spokesperson or on the occasion that concerns a deed or an agreement that is usual and justifiable standard in respectful practice and life. You confirm that you are either of a minimum age of 18 years or an independent minor or holds legal guardian's or parent's consent and are completely competent and capable of entering into the terms, obligations, representations, warranties, affirmations, and conditions given by these Terms, and to comply with and abide by these Terms. Under any circumstances, if you confirm that you age more than 13 years, the Platform has not been created to suit children under the age of 13 years. NOTICE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 13 YEARS OF AGE AND THEIR GUARDIANS OR PARENTS You are NOT ALLOWED USE this PLATFORM if you are under 13 years of age. Kindly do not send your personal data, including your name, e-mail address, and/or contact details to us. IF you want to connect with us, you can only do the same through your legal guardian or parents.
18. General Information
These Terms and other related policies published on the Platform contain the full and sole agreement and understanding between ORUphones and you and control your usage of the Platform and the Service exceeding all prior proposals, negotiations, discussions, agreements, and understandings, between the parties, eighter oral or written. The Indian Laws shall govern the Terms and the relations between ORUphones and you. If you have any claims from ORUphones, they must be submitted to the Indian jurisdiction courts exclusively. However, when you are a customer, it may be that the law for consumers requires the other applicable laws and that a petition might be submitted to another administration. If ORUphones fails to enforce or exercise any provision or right of the Terms shall not authorize a waiver of such provision or right. If the court of suitable jurisdiction finds any Terms under the provision to be invalid (including, without restriction, as there is inconsistency in such provisions with the laws of other jurisdictions) or irrelevant, the parties, however, shall agree that could attempt to the parties' intent effects as shown in the services. Suppose any service or provisions of these Terms are considered unenforceable, illegal, or invalid. In that case, the enforceability, legality, and the validity of the leftover provisions of the Terms shall in no way be impaired or affected. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT ANY ACTION YOU CAUSE AND EMERGING FROM OR REGARDING YOUR USAGE OF THE PLATFORM AND/OR THE SERVICE MUST BEGIN WITHIN A JUSTIFIABLE TIME AND UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WITHIN A YEAR AFTER THE RESULTS OF THE ACTIONED CAUSES, EXCEPT THAT ORUphones MAY BEGIN ANY SUCH REASON OF ACTION CONCERNING THE STATUTE OF RESTRICTIONS UNDER THE INDIAN LAW. OTHERWISE, SUCH CAUSE OF ACTION IS PROHIBITED PERMANENTLY. These Terms shall familiarize benefit of and be obligatory upon each party's assigns and successors.
19. Term Violation and Liquidated Damages
You are requested to report any infringement of Terms that you are aware of by getting in touch with us through the hyperlink at the bottom of ORUphones's homepage at In case you fail to act by ORUphones because of a breach or other does not renounce our authority to act in accordance with the following or similar violation by you or others. You acknowledge and agree that it is often tough or impossible to evaluate if actual impairment cannot be calculated reasonably, then you will be responsible for paying the following to ORUphones as liquidated impairments (or not a penalty): I. If ORUphones puts forward any restriction on the frequency at which you may use the Service, or ends your access to or utilization of the Service, you consent to pay ORUphones an amount for (i) each message you publish in addition to such limits or (ii) for each additional day when you access ORUphones by exceeding your limit, whichever is higher. II. If you are using the Service as a Posting Agent by violating the Terms, in excess of the liquidated impairments under xx(e) mentioned below, you consent to pay ORUphones an amount every time you publish an item by violating these Terms. A Posting Agent will also be considered as an agent of the party that engages the Posting Agent to use the Service, and such party (by involving the Posting Agent in infringement of these Terms) agrees to remunerate ORUphones in addition to the amount you pay each time an item is published by the Posting Agent on such party's behalf in infringement of these Terms. III. If you access ORUphones's computer systems or e-mail addresses to share unwanted e-mail ads to ORUphones's e-mail addresses or any other party, you acknowledge to remunerate ORUphones with an amount for each such e-mail sent. IV. If you publish messages by violating these Terms, other than as mentioned above, you acknowledge to remunerate ORUphones with an amount for such messages. However, the preceding, ORUphones may, in its absolute and sole discretion, may furnish a caution before evaluating the impairments against this Section xx(e). V. If you display, reproduce, copy, exploit, mirror, or otherwise aggregate for any reason any Content (other than your own Content) in infringement of these Terms without ORUphones's clear written consent, you acknowledge to pay ORUphones an amount for each day you get engaged in such activities. VI. If none of the preceding causes (a)-(f) apply, you are in agreement to pay ORUphones 's actual impairments, to the limit such actual impairments can be calculated reasonably. Nonetheless, any other provisions mentioned on these Terms, ORUphones holds the right to find equitable solutions, inclusive of without restriction, a particular presentation of any terms mentioned in these Terms, or a primary or a permanent order against the violation or threatened violation of any such term or in support of the use of any power mentioned in these Terms, or any amalgamation thereof, without the need of publishing a bond.
20. Privacy Policy
A. Indian Standards/Act for Personal Data Protection: ORUphones is liable to collect, retain, and use personal data in accordance with the Indian Personal Data Protection Act and thus meet the global standards. B. Type of Data Collected: When you access the Platform, we may gather certain data that are not personal, like your IP address, type of browser, details of internet service provider, and the operating system in use. This kind of information cannot be identified as personal. As you sign up with the Platform, we may also gather personal data from the information your share, like your name, e-mail address, mailing address, mobile/phone number, zip-code, home country, or similar other data when you login by using Facebook, based on the privacy setting you have, inclusive of, but not restricted to your name, profile picture, e-mail ID, education, friends list, etc. (mentioned as "Registration Information"). You have the choice of also sharing your age, gender, company name, and/or fax numbers with us, in case, you decide to register with ORUphones. If you give us your contact number, it may be reflecting on your posting. Furthermore, if you have given your phone number and published an advertisement from your account, you acknowledge to receive messages on the given phone number to our website, which may be inclusive of but not restricted to automatic calls or text messages. The message may urge you to verify and confirm that you have used your personal account to publish the advertisement in question on the Platform. We may also gather additional data that our users share, such as new or removed postings, deleted or new comments, keywords searched, scam data, and new contact for sellers. We utilize a payment gateway from third-party vendors for purchasing and other third parties to track the website traffic, which may, under certain circumstances, hold your data (check out Section xxi(D) below). By accessing the Service or the Platform, you agree to the gathering, storage, and usage of the personal data you share for any of the services offered by us, and you agree to us collecting any updates or changes that you add to any data you share that is gathered by ORUphones. By accessing this Platform, you sanction to provide the data on your geographic location so as to post advertisements/information on advertisements shared by users who are located near you and vice-versa. C. Cookies We may utilize cookies to control the sessions of our users and to safe keep the preferences, choose language, and track data. Cookies may be utilized irrespective of you registering with us or not. "Cookies" are small-sized text files transmitted through a web server to your storage drive and therein preserved on your computer. The kinds of information collected by a cookie include the time and date of visiting the Platform, the history of your browsing, your choices, and the username. In some cases, our third-party givers may use cookies on the Platform. We cannot access or control the cookies that the third-party service givers use. This Privacy Policy only includes Cookies we use and not cookies from any third parties. You are capable of either acknowledging or denying the usage of cookies on your computer, irrespective of registration with us or not. Ideally, you may configure your browsers such that you can decline to accept cookies. However, renouncing the usage of cookies may restrict your access to particular attributes of the Platform. For example, you may have trouble using or logging in to some interactive attributes of the Platform, like the Comments attributes or ORUphones Forum. D. Third Parties We utilize third-party service givers to support us in evaluating sales and purchases on our Platform and in a standard way, making our Platform better and controlling the activities and interests of our users. You hereby permit ORUphones and/or third party service givers engaged by ORUphones to use, collect, store, reproduce, analyze, adapt, and publish (either through a third-party service giver or on its own) the data regarding your usage of the Platform for analyzing data and upgrading your experience on the Platform. Furthermore, the Platform may display hyperlinks to Third-Party websites or give you information on the services you may receive from any third-party service provider occasionally. Data regarding the services available for you from these third-party service givers may be given to you actively by ORUphones in any way, including through different channels for communication and marketing. You agree that ORUphones exclusively undertakes this for improving your experience on using the Platform and the supply of such services fall under additional terms and conditions set forward by ORUphones and/or third-party service givers. ORUphones may also provide you free or payable deliverables fabricated by third-party service givers in an extension of any service that you may have used from these third-party service givers in accordance with the published advertisement present on the Platform, without any commitment (monetary or similar) towards you. ORUphones shall not be accountable for any service you avail of from such third-party providers or any payment you make to such third parties with regards to the services. Any apprehension or claims in accordance with such services shall be routed to such third parties by you. In case you are clicking on the Third-Party Website links, you shall be leaving the Platform. We do not have any liability for the content of these Third-Party Websites or for your personal data security when you are using the Third-Party website. These third-party service givers and Third-party service websites may possess their personal privacy policies to govern the storage and control of your personal data that you may be put through. They may gather data like the specification of your browser, operating system, or IP address. This Privacy Policy does not control the personal data stored on, utilized by, or shared to these third-party service giver and Third-Party websites. It is our recommendation that you should check and understand the privacy policy mentioned on the Third Party Website when you access a Third-Party Site, as it concerns the protection of your personal data. We employ third-party promotional companies to provide advertisements when you access the Platform. These companies may utilize data (that does not include your name, e-mail address, mailing address, or contact number) about you accessing the Third-Party Websites and the Platform to share advertisements regarding goods and services that interest you. Google is a third-party agent that uses the cookies on the Platform to present ads. Google uses the DoubleClick DART Cookie that allows it to provide the users of the Platform with advertisements, depending on them accessing the Third-Party Sites and the Platform. If you want to know more about the DART Cookie, visit You may choose to decline using the Google DART cookie by opening the Google Ad and Content Network Policy on You may also choose to decline the advertisements meant for all the NAI member ad networks by accessing You agree and acknowledge that the Content is open to the public and can be accessed by any third party and that it is allowed to reflect in the results of the search engine (like Google, Yahoo!, Altavista, MSN, and other search engines) and in the search engine cache memory, in the news feeds and on the websites of the Third Parties who follow co-branding agreements by posting an advertisement on the Platform and that each of these search engines, resources or RSS web feed or Third-Party Websites have the sole liability of updating and/or removing Content from these cache memory and indexes. You also acknowledge and agree that ORUphones is not responsible for the data posted in the search engine results or on the Websites of any Third-Party that bears ORUphones's postings. E. How We Use Your Data We may utilize the data you provide to (i) apply our Usage Terms, control the activities of the users, like keyword searching or adding new posts, and managing the traffic on the Platform more effectively; (ii) Deliver customer services, generate and control the accounts of users; and (iii) support you during technical problems. Also, we may provide certain data to third-party service givers, like the information on your OS and capability of your browser, which we collect for a better understanding of your choice in services and advertisements of interest. We can block the usage of the Platform for users from certain areas in certain nations. We may hold such data for as long as necessary for fulfilling the objective of our business, even after the termination of your account. F. Protecting Your Personal Data We consider you as a valued consumer, and we understand that safeguarding your privacy is essential for you. Hence, we make a commitment to protect the personal data you share in different ways. We do not initial any payment directly and do not preserve your credit card information. We use Secured Socket Layer ("SSL") technology for completing payment-related transactions with third-party service givers, like PayPal, PayU, and DineroMail. The information from your Registration may get protected by a unique consumer User ID and password. You must never disclose your user information, including your password, to anyone, and you should positively log off from the account if you use a shared computer system. Finally, you may use the Platform like an anonymous customer by not signing up. We follow certain protocols for securing your personal data. However, just like the majority of electronic transactions, there are no 100% safe methods. While we attempt to apply means that are commercially agreeable for protecting personal data shared by you, we cannot provide a guarantee of its security. Hence, you agree and acknowledge that we are not responsible for any theft, alteration, misuse, or loss of your personal or other forms of data or Content, including, without restriction, such data which were shared with the third parties or other consumers, or regarding the unsuccessful attempt of the third party to follow the agreement between such third party and us. You may join our Forum or use our Comments attribute. To post on the Forum, we will publish your Username. To post with the Comments attribute, we will only display your name and e-mail address if you share it in the comments section. We highly discourage publishing any data on these attributes or in any Content you publish but do not want others to notice. You acknowledge that you will have the responsibility to keep your Username and password confidential and all usage of your account, irrespective of whether you authorized such use or not. G. Using and Modifying Personal Data and Preferences for Communication You may use, review, delete, and/or modify the personal data that you provide us through the Contact Support Form. There is no need to sign up with us to publish or comment on the advertisements on the Platform. If you sign up or commend on posts and advertisements on the Platform or publish an article on the Platform, we may share certain advertisements, surveys, notifications, promotions, text messages, phone calls, and specials in connection with the Services. We may also share legal notifications and other notifications to you, inclusive of but not restricted to notices related to services or those related to changing any of our policies. For example, we may share a notice with you in relation to the problems with the server and planned maintenance of the Platform. To withdraw from certain modes of e-communications from us, inclusive of the newsletters we send, advice on purchasing, selling, and exchanging on the Platform, notifications on comments the users left on your posts, and notifications on the post, you can refresh. We will not modify your choices without your approval. You cannot withdraw from getting communications regarding transactions in accordance with your account from ORUphones. H. Disclosures We may need to reveal your personal data in rare cases because of regulatory or legal necessities. Under such circumstances, we hold the authority to reveal your personal data as necessary to observe the legal responsibility, inclusive of buying, not restricting to comply with the court orders, subpoenas, warrants, process needing service, or requests for revelation. We may reveal data about our users to law implementation officers or others in the fine trust belief that such revelation is justifiably important to impose these Terms and/or Privacy Policy; acknowledge to the assertion that any Content infringes the license of third-parties; or safeguard the personal safety, property, or the licenses of ORUphones , our consumers, or the regular public; or we recognize any criminal undertaking getting conducted through the Platform. You acknowledge and agree that we may not apprise you before or after the revelation made in accordance with this part. If all our assets get sold substantially or combines with another company, the company obtaining shall be granted access to your personal data without your approval. On the occasion of you selling only a portion of our business, the obtaining party shall be given the right to your personal data without your approval, and we may share a notice with you related to this sale. I. Change Notification We hold the right to modify these Terms with time and at our sole disposal. We may share a notice with you regarding the change in materials in these Terms, inclusive of the Platform or the Privacy Policy. You should note the last date of updating at the initiation of the Terms. You should be able to recognize if there has been any recent update of the Terms with this information. J. Disputes Any disagreement in relation to your privacy is in accordance with the Terms, inclusive of but not restricted to any opportunities related to restrictions and indemnity on the damages and option for forum and law. K. How to Get in Touch with Us In case you have queries regarding this Privacy Policy, you are requested to connect with ORUphones through the Contact Support Form.
21. Grievance Office
In case you have any complaint regarding the Service or the Platform, you can connect with our grievance officers.